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Hiking in AGRIGENTO Province: 
Hiking in ENNA  Province: 
Hiking and Trekking in MESSINA Province  
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Walking discovering the Nature and the Beauty of Sicily....Around Palermo there are many fantastic place where you can feel the real taste of Sicily... 
You'll walk on the Hills, you'll cross the Rivers or you'll walk Close to the Sea....Beautiful Landscape and Fantastic Panorama!!! 
Enjoy Trekking in Sicily...because it's really'll discover the walks by yourself and everytime it will be Different! 
Great walks into the nature. Most of the time the Path are not well indicated cause Sicilian "ranger" are a bit lazy and they don't do their job so well!...Anyway the trek can be even more exciting cause you'll have to discover the places by yourself. That's the reason we want to help you to discover these great places providing you Maps of the trekkings and Gps waypoints ;o) We are trying to do FOR FREE what our "Rangers" should do... 
The 6 Months of real Trekking in Sicily!!! 
OUR TREKKING TOURS in Sicily are for FREE if you stay at Giorgio's House!! 
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We do it just for Passion and with people with our same passion!! :o) 
Hiking and adventure in Sicily 
Camminando per scoprire la Natura e le BEllezze della Sicilia. Attorno a Palermo vi sono moltissimi fantastici posti dove potrete percepire la vera Sicilia. Camminerete su colline con particolari vegetazione, sughereti, oliveti.....vedrete agrifogli e centinaia di specie in via di estinzione. Guaderete torrenti o camminerete vicini al mare. Di fronte a voi si apriranno fantastici panorami. 
Godetevi il Trekking in Sicilia perchè è realmente selvaggio...Scoprirete passeggiate fantastiche e, spesso, sarete voi a scoprire i percorsi che ogni volta saranno differenti. 
Nature is Great...Respect it! :o) 
Our TREKKING TOURS in Sicily are for FREE if you stay at Giorgio's House. We do it for Passion. Do you want to go Trekking with us? Please, contact us :o) 
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La Natura è meravigliosa...Rispettala! :o) 
I nostri TREKKING TOURS in Sicilia sono gratuiti se alloggiate presso Giorgio's House ...Lo facciamo solo per passione e con persone che abbiano le nostre stesse passioni! 
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But we love the nature, the trekking, the climb and we are proud of what we are doing. The only persons we have to thanks are all the people that joined us (for free) and shared with us some of these fantastic trekkings. Every trekking has been tested by us 
Do you want to help us and provide some photos, description, gps points... of the places that you visited in Sicily...Please, contact us :o)
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